A Week In The Life Of A Virtual Member / Your First Week

We are set up to support both physical group members and virtual group members. On weeks where physical groups are unable to run all members become virtual members for that week.

A week in the life of a virtual group member looks like this:

  • You weigh in at home on your own scales. It is recommended to pick a set day, time and placement of your scales and stick to this each week! Depending on which group you have chosen to join will depend on what day you would normally weigh in, but you can weigh in on any day of your choosing.

  • Each week Slim With Pat members fill out a weekly check in using Google forms. This is sent to members every Saturday for the week ahead. It’s a very quick form which allows you to log that weeks weight, and book into a virtual group session if you wish to. It's also an opportunity to ask any questions / comment on how the week has gone for feedback.

  • These sessions are not compulsory at all but are a weekly chance to get together virtually with a group of like minded people, celebrate your losses and get help, tips, advice and motivation. We use a software called Zoom to carry out these meetings. It is available free of charge at www.zoom.us for computer users and available on smartphones and tablets as an app called ZOOM Cloud Meetings.

  • We have a closed and private support group on Facebook for my members too. It's full of conversation, meals, hints and tips. A great source for midweek support.

  • Members also have access to the members area of the Slimming World website and smartphone app full of tools, articles, recipes and motivation. Plus the ability to order Slimming World bars and recipe books freepost to their door.
  • I will also be in touch each week to check in on you personally as your journey progresses.

Your first week:

When you join Slim With Pat you'll receive a new members check in form from me which will gather all the information I need to process your new account with us and Slimming World.

Once this form is completed, your details are registered with Slimming World and a physical new members pack will be posted out to your door. You'll also receive a membership number and pin number from me which will allow you access to the members area of the website.

You'll also receive an invitation to take part in a new members talk - designed to take new members through everything they need to know about our fabulous food plan as well as a refresher opportunity for returning members. You'll have a choice of various days and times during the week and can attend one of the optional Zoom groups if you would like to

For week 2 you're into a normal week as above :)