The latest answers to all your Slimming World Virtual Group questions

With the setup of temporary virtual groups a number of frequently asked questions have arisen. Here's the answers to as many of them that I have personally!

This reflects the most up to date answers received via Slimming World head office and will be amended as any changes or updates are made.

What is a Slimming World virtual group and why do we have them now?

Prior to the world as we know it changing recently, members paid a weekly fee of €9.00. For this they received:

  • A weekly weigh in on an independent scales.
  • Access to group support / image therapy session.
  • Ongoing support from their consultant.
  • Access to all resources in the members area of the Slimming World website. Weekly motivational articles / recipe ideas / syns lookup tools and smart phone app use etc
  • Access to private Facebook support group.
  • Access to Slimming World products like HiFi bars and discounted magazine pricing.

Obviously with no physical venues and with social distancing being implemented things have had to change. Slimming World as a company have worked extremely hard in the background to reinvent (on a temporary basis) the service to offer as close as possible the previous service levels. This has evolved into a virtual group service at a temporarily much reduced price of just €4.00 per week. This price has been proposed by Slimming World to literally keep the lights on and enable the service to continue via their consultants, and to provide for part of the background running costs of providing the Slimming World members tools and consultant support infrastructure.

The compromise as such is that members are asked now to weigh in themselves (if they wish to) on their own scales and let their consultant know at a certain cut off time before group time their weight. Prior to group the consultant will input this information into our system here in preparation for group. This means that all the relevant information that a consultant normally has in their hands at group, and at home for midweek support is available and ready to use!

Members who wish to participate in group will have access to a special online session ran via Zoom conferencing software  and app on their laptops (freely available at no cost), computers, tablets or phones. Members who do not wish to participate do not have to - similar to a member who weighs in group and does not stay for image therapy.  As always we would encourage participation in group to get the best possible help with your weight loss journey.

Members continue to get access to all the members resources as well as the benefits of their midweek support of a group of like minded individuals sharing their journies and the support of their consultant.


What options are there for existing members who have Countdown weeks remaining?

We want to give members on a Countdown as much flexibility as we can, especially when we know money might be a bit tight right now. 

1. Attend your Slimming World virtual group – Because our virtual groups are around half the price of our real-life groups, for every Countdown week a member has remaining (including their free weeks – which we feel it’s only fair to honour), they would get two virtual weeks. This retains access to all members features, website,app, midweek support and access to a virtual meeting held online via Zoom.

2. Transfer to Slimming World Online until your real-life group re-opens
In this case, members’ weight loss history would transfer with them. Members would receive the same number of weeks online as they have Countdown weeks remaining. Contact your consultant to organise this.

3. Request a refund
Contact your consultant who will liaise with Slimming World head office on your behalf.

4. Freeze your countdown.
Contact your consultant who will liaise with Slimming World head office on your behalf.


I'm not on a countdown. Can I transfer my membership to Slimming World Online membership until my group reopens?

Yes you can and can do so at a discount off the normal online membership rate.  When the member joins Slimming World Online as a new member, they’ll be invited to enter a voucher code as part of signup. My personal code for my own members is C60438. This gives a special reduced rate of €55 for three months of Slimming World Online membership.

It’s important that any members interested in this option know that, because Slimming World Online is entirely online (no Consultant looking out for each member!) there are extra built-in precautions and measures for more vulnerable people. That means we’re unable to offer this option to any group members who:

  • are a mum to be
  • have kidney disease, liver disease or cancer
  • have had an eating disorder
  • have a BMI of 23 or below
  • are under the age of 18

We hope these members will stick with their consultant and get their support from their Slimming World virtual group, along with LifelineOnline, the Slimming World app and your top-up of midweek support.


Can target members join Slimming World Online?

Yes, if they’d really like to, however we’d really love them to be part of their virtual group if they possibly can. Slimming World Online membership isn’t free to target members, so they would be asked to pay the reduced fee.


Will members be able to buy books and Hi-fi bars?

Yes! All flavours of Hi-fi bars will be available to purchase online through the members area Lifeline Online – you can buy up to ten packs a month – and all the current recipe books are available too, if case you’re looking for some cookery inspiration while you’re stuck inside. The prices are exactly the same as in our group shop and… because we know money might be a bit tight right now, there’s no P&P on most orders.


Will members who don't take up the online or virtual group options be expected to pay backfees for the weeks since we had to temporarily suspend our groups? 

No! There will be no backfees due.


Will members have their Countdowns extended to cover the weeks they’ve missed since we had to temporarily suspend our groups?

Yes. Depending on which option members choose, we’ll make sure they don’t lose out.


What if target members have slipped out of target since they last attended group?

Normal rules would apply. Target members have a virtual week’s grace and then, if they haven’t returned to their target range, become a paying member.


Will Iceland continue to stock the Slimming World food range?

Yes… our meals, soups, sauces and sides will be available while stocks last. Indeed we’re anticipating that members may need to rely on them slightly more than usual. Weekly demand may be slightly higher, so freezers may empty more quickly, however we have plenty to replenish them with!


What happens if a member doesn’t have a set of scales at home?

Please be assured we would not expect a member to go out of their home to weigh (we know this would go against all sound advice and would never suggest this).

If the member’s unable to weigh themselves, but would still love to be part of a virtual group – for a dose of motivation each week – no problem!


Can new members join Slimming World during this time? 

Absolutely! We’d love to help anyone who’s looking for help with their weight and some much needed understanding, friendship and a bit of light relief! You can join one of the Slim With Pat virtual groups right now for a discounted rate of just €8.00 (for membership and one weeks access) or €20 for four weeks access!


What happens if a lapsed member would like to rejoin a (virtual) group?

You would be more than welcome back. We would be delighted to see you (hopefully literally at one of our online virtual sessions!)


If you have any other questions you'd like answered please leave a comment below and I'll do my best to get you one! :)

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