Slimming World Slim With Pat - Virtual Groups

What if I told you that there is a way for you to still get the very best of support, advice, encouragement and motivation that you are used to in your Slimming World group - remotely and in your own home?

In these most challenging of times, when Slimmers all over Ireland really do need their group the most! we lost our ability to get that support and encouragement.

Slimming World as a company have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to evolve and get a solution in place that will still allow us to support our members and to protect their weight losses and I'd love to introduce you to what is coming at you very soon :)

The answer is a virtual group experience which we are currently trialing - my first group will be taking place tonight with my existing Monday night group.

Members get to weigh in at home and let me know their current weight. This is inputted in advance of the group (kind of like the pay and weigh in that currently takes place in the first half an hour of a normal group)

The meeting is held using conference software called Zoom which can be downloaded and installed free of charge on a members laptop, home computer, tablet or phone. Members will dial in as such remotely and will all be able to see and hear each other on screen - just like they would in a real life group.

As your weight change will already be recorded I as your consultant will have the same information in front of me as I normally have when standing in front of you looking at my tablet. We'll celebrate our losses and awards as normal, we'll have a chat about the week ahead, supporting and encouraging each other as normal and we will stick together as a group.

Members who don't feel comfortable with video images can join in voice only if they prefer (but it's not too scary I promise - everybody sees you at group anyway!) Members who can't attend the group chat online don't have to, they can attend another session later in the week if they prefer, and if not their weight loss progress is still charted and access to the members area of the website and app and all the tools and resources therein is provided as normal.

This is still an ongoing work in progress. Finer details and arrangements are being put in place as I type and I will be back to update as everything falls into place.

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