Slimming World Slim With Pat In 2022! - How we are here to support you in physical and virtual groups.

We continue to adapt to the current Covid situation and have a set of options available to our members, as well as a fall back plan as such, should restrictions change or be reintroduced.

As we start 2022 we have a mixture of groups available for our members. All our physical groups are run in a covid safe manner, with social distancing and other protocols in place. This does mean unfortunately that spaces are limited to the capacity of each particular venue.

In order to reopen our Castleknock Hotel group we will be running a hybrid of physical group and weigh in with virtual group. Our first session of the day with limited spaces will take place starting at 5:30pm. This group will have a full sit down meeting in the venue. We will then have an open weigh in session available from 6:45 - 7:30 on Thursday evenings with no sit down group but members will be invited to join us online via Zoom for a group at 7:45pm


Our Group Options For 2022

Blakestown Community Center (From Wed 5th January)

Wednesdays 5:30pm, 7:00pm  and Thursdays 9:30am  (weigh in and group in venue - limited capacity)

Castleknock Hotel  (From Thurs 13th January)

Thursdays 5:30pm - With Group at 6:00pm (limited capacity)

Thursdays weigh in only 6:45pm - With Group Online Via Zoom at 8:15pm

Please note that, as a hospitality venue, in order to access the Castleknock Hotel a valid covid pass will be required

Virtual Group

Members will have the option to weigh in at home and submit weigh in online - with a weekly Zoom group at 8:15pm on Thursdays. 

Should there be any change to restriction levels in January 2022 which forces physical weigh ins to close or to be limited to weigh in only, additional virtual sessions will run to replace those sessions involved. 

New members are more than welcome!

When you join our group you get,

  • Support, encouragement and motivation from your group of like minded individuals and dedicated consulant.

  • All the experience, tips, tricks and meal ideas you can handle.

  • A fabulous food plan, allowing you to still eat all your favourite meals and still lose weight.

  • Access to our members website full of motivation, tools, articles and recipes.

  • Access to our smart phone app (including new barcode scanner)

  • Optional Access to a closed and private Facebook support group.

  • And Optional Image Therapy / Group – where members meet together to celebrate success and help each other overcome any challenges faced.

To pre book your space for 2022 please click here


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