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As we start a new year in 2021 it's fair to say things have changed quite a bit over the past year, not just for Slimming World groups but for everything in general. Across all walks of life, people have had to adjust to a new normal. Not just a new normal, but an ever changing normal, with covid restrictions being raised and dropped, new guidances being issued, new measures to keep everyone safe. In fact the original blog post here was out of date within 2 days of being posted and has since been amended!


We have adapted and continue to do so, so that whatever the situation throws at us, we still support your weight loss journey! This is done by running our groups as a mixture of


  • Virtual (Weigh in from home with optional Zoom group online)
  • Physical Weigh and Virtual Group (Weigh in at one of our venues with optional Zoom group online)
  • Physical Weigh And Physical Group (Weigh in and optional group meeting at our venues.

What is available each week is dependent on the current level of national restrictions. Our physical groups are based in the Dublin 15 area (with two groups based in the Blakestown Community And Resource Center, and one in The Castleknock Hotel) and we can cater for virtual members from all over Ireland (and can help them transfer then to local groups when ready to do so)


When you join our group you get,

  • Support, encouragement and motivation from your group of like minded individuals and dedicated consulant.

  • All the experience, tips, tricks and meal ideas you can handle.

  • A fabulous food plan, allowing you to still eat all your favourite meals and still lose weight.

  • Access to our members website full of motivation, tools, articles and recipes.

  • Access to our smart phone app (including new barcode scanner)

  • Optional Access to a closed and private Facebook support group.

  • And Optional Image Therapy / Group – where members meet together to celebrate success and help each other overcome any challenges faced.


How things work for us in a bit more detail:

For January 2021 all of Ireland will be placed in Level 5 restrictions which will mean our groups will run virtually only until the government review. We do however expect that Level 5 restrictions will be kept in place for some weeks As soon as restrictions ease though the following options will apply ...


Option 1 (During Level 1 and 2 Restrictions). – Members weigh in at group on our scales and can still sit down together for a meeting after – with all the appropriate covid safety precautions in place to keep our members safe and sound. We've worked very hard to be able to offer this service!

Option 2 (During Level 3 Restrictions). – In this scenario, our Blakestown Community Centre groups are open for weigh in and shop etc on Wednesday evenings and Thursday mornings, with our group meeting taking place online via Zoom shortly after weigh in. Unfortunately our Castleknock Hotel group is unable to run during Level 3.

Option 3 (During Level 4 and 5 restrictions) – Where our venues can't open for weigh in like in Option 2, our members weigh in at home on their own scales, submit weigh in results and a group image therapy session takes place online via Zoom around the same time as normal group would take place.

Option 4 (Our Virtual Group) For as long as the current covid situation continues we also offer a fully virtual service to members weighing in at home with dedicated zoom sessions available. This service suits members who may not be in a position to attend a local weigh in - and for January 2021 will be the only Slimming World groups available in Ireland.

All members have the option to weigh in at home / be part of a virtual group on any given week should they need or want to, even if our physical group weigh in is open.

Obviously Option 1 is our best case scenario (short of covid being gone completely and everything going back to the way it was beforehand!) But we are always here, week in and week out, no matter what restrictions are in place, because we know how important being a member is, and how that weekly weigh in and top up of motivation and encouragement is needed, no matter if that comes from a physical location or online.


Spaces Are Limited!

Access to our physical groups weigh ins are now on a pre booked basis only. This is absolutely necessary to ensure we can operate safely and with appropriate social distancing in place. 

When you join us, you will be able to book into a space in one of the groups with set weigh in times and options which will vary based on national and local restrictions. For example if you were a member of our Wed 5pm group your space would be reserved for Weigh in at 5pm and sit down group at 5:15pm (During Level 2) - a weigh in slot at 5pm and a dedicated Zoom session later that evening (During Level 3) or a weigh in at home with dedicated Zoom session (During Level 4 and 5)

However due to social distancing requirements we can only accept 35 members into each booking slot so early booking is very much advised especially with expected demand for spaces in January.



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