Returning Members Can Rejoin This Week For FREE!

Returning Members !!

What if I told you that you could rejoin Slim With Pat this week for free?

No back fees due! No matter how long you've been away. No joining fee. No rejoining fee. Just an opportunity to pick up where you left off for just the normal weekly fee which is now heavily discounted to €4 per week (€16 for a month)

Since you were away Slimming World have launched a virtual group service offering the same support and encouragement as your old physical group but with a couple of changes!

We know more than ever now that our members need help through these times. For a lot of us it's been like a mini Christmas of being knocked out of our grooves, over eating and drinking, stress eating and drinking whilst locked down at home. Or for those still working under very stressful conditions and time constraints our weight loss journey takes a back seat. Every January thousands of members come back to Slimming World after Christmas with a significant gain over the festive period. Can you imagine if that was multiplied out by 4 or 5 if this current situation continues for a couple of months. Virtual membership offers you the chance to take control over something you can control and get all the help and support you need to do so.

Virtual group members weigh in at home on their own scales and fill in a simple weekly check in form.

They get access to all the Slimming World member services - lifeline online full of features, recipes, articles and online tools as well as the smart phone app.

They also can order hifi bars, books and magazines etc direct from the members area of the Slimming World website with FREE postage to their doors.

Midweek support is still provided by me as the consultant, your group of like minded individuals in the private Facebook page as well as the option to participate in an online virtual group using Zoom meeting software.

Normally a returning member to our physical groups would be faced with the choice of keeping their history for €27 or starting afresh for €18 but this week we've a bit of a unique situation. Because it's the first week launch of the new service (we've been trialing it for the last couple of weeks) all back fees are waived. So if you choose to rejoin us now it will be like you were never away! And all it costs is €4 per week / €16 for a month block.

Renew Your Membership Now

You can if you'd prefer register as a new member and start afresh. This will cost €8 for the first week or €20 for a month. This option will reset your history as such and a new member pack will be posted to your door.

Register As A New Member Now

Either way it's a bargain opportunity and we'd love to see you back!



  • Hi Grace, At the moment you place an order on the website for each renewal (you can renew for 1 week, 4 weeks or 3 months at a time) It is not an automatic renewal as such.

  • Does the money come out of my bank account automatically or how does it work

  • Just what i needed Pat! Have been missing in action for sometime now & things have gotten out of hand – if you follow!! I retired a couple of years ago & want to start “shedding”, working to a plan & start realising “everything in moderation” can be a very realistic goal!!

    Richard Rogers
  • Hi Pat
    I have rejoined via the link I haven’t got a, slimming world card as I lost my purse before Christmas.
    Will look forward to hearing from you really need to do something as I’ve given up smoking and the, weight is piling back on 😭thanks pat

    Denise BURDOCK

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