Physical Groups Returning Next Week - How will it work?


We're really excited to be in a position to begin returning to our physical groups - all be it with some changes!

Over the last while Slimming World have been working extremely hard to be in a position to reopen our physical groups (with changes in place to keep everyone safe and socially distanced) The demand for this has been overwhelming – not just from members who have not taken part in Zoom / virtual groups and membership but from feedback from virtual members too. At the same time Slimming World are very concious of the fact that some members prefer virtual and aren't in a position to attend a physical group at this time.

As well as working on changes to how we would operate a physical group we have had to engage in a consultation process and evaluation of existing physical venues. Some venues aren't in a position to rent rooms out externally at this time, and some just aren't suitable and unfortunately for our physical groups, none of our existing venues are available and suitable. This has meant that we must move venues and in some cases days and times to be able to reopen a physical group safely.

After this weeks government announcement we can assure you that while the tighter guidance announced means that some social activities are being limited,  our Slimming World group can still get together in our new format. That’s because as well as the companionship, we're providing members with a paid-for weight loss support and motivation service. The Department of the Taoiseach are making sure the guidelines are stuck to like glue – and we have been going to extra lengths to ensure that all hygiene and social distancing measures are firmly in place, including wearing face coverings during group and extra time for cleaning before and in-between sessions to make sure we’re all safe and sound. (and will continue to do so)

We will be running smaller and quicker sessions with limited capacity at each session to ensure social distancing is maintained with a separate new members only session for new joiners. Members will be able to stay to a group image therapy session directly after weigh in for all those celebrations and support for the week ahead. This session will be smaller and quicker than a pre covid session with numbers strictly limited and some requirements in place to maintain safe and social distancing.

So from Wed 26th August our physical groups will be reopening and running as follows.

Mondays – Virtual Group on Zoom for all virtual members (this will be in place until the end of September at least)

Wednesday evenings – Physical Group in Blakestown Community Centre Blanchardstown (just down the road from the current Hartstown Monday evening venue)

Session times: 5pm, 6pm and 7:45pm

Thursday morning group – Also now taking place in Blakestown Community Centre Blanchardstown.

Session times: 9am, 10am,

Thursday evening group – Castleknock Hotel, Porterstown Road, Castleknock

Session times: 5pm, 6pm and 7:45pm


There will be separate sessions for pre booked new members at all three venues.


Members must be pre booked into each session - it will not be possible to turn up and weigh if not booked in.

Existing members of our virtual group will have first preference on the new physical sessions and our first week back will be exclusively for virtual members transferring across to physical group.

What are the options open to returning members?

There will be no back fees or returning fees due for any pre lockdown member returning to group. You will have the option to start afresh as a brand new member or to pick up your old account for the same price - €9 weekly fee. I will be in touch with more detailed information for all members returning.

If you'd like to book into one of the above sessions you can do so now by clicking here


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