Lockdown 2 - The One With The Slimdown

So we're facing into a second Lockdown! But this time round let's make it a Slimdown Lockdown!

Back in March, when the country first went into lockdown, it's fair to say the majority of us lost the plot! There was a combination of a bit of novelty at the time (Christmas came early feeling!) and a huge amount of fear and stress. This double whammy meant a lot of the population and Slimming World members reached for excess food and drinks.The nation went mad and there was panic buying of essential items like Pasta and toilet rolls! Over time, people did get used to it. It turned out there was actually enough toilet rolls and pasta for everyone!! :)  But a lot of damage was done to slimmers. Bad habits had formed, good habits had fallen behind and it was difficult to get out of this.

When the first lockdown finished in August and we were able to reopen our groups there was approx 1500 lbs of gains logged over the first few weeks back from members who had been away from group for the duration of the lockdown. It was heartbreaking for me personally to see so many members arrive to weigh in feeling down, afraid, ashamed and for the most part feeling like they were the only ones to put on weight during the lockdown. Thre truth of course was they were not alone at all. At the same time it was AMAZING to see the smiles return as members took ownership again of their journey.

When lockdown first hit us back in March we had to close our physical groups, and Slimming World launched a virtual group service a few weeks later. This was an incredible achievement in such a short time scale, to get the facilities in place in the background to enable our groups and our support to run in a brand new manner. Members who joined us in our virtual groups had some brilliant successes in those virtual months, with literally hundreds of wieght loss and target awards given out. Other members limited damage that would have been perhaps much worse without keeping their focus and mind on their journey. Not everyone joined us in the virtual world though, but this time round we are ready in advance :)

It's no secret that weighing in at a physical group and being able to sit down together in a room for some support, advice, celebration and motivation is our preference and best option! But in these times of changes and compromises, keeping focus on our journey is key. When Dublin went to level 3 restrictions some members weighed in at group and some weighed in a home before coming together for a virtual group on Zoom. Level 4 will mean, for the moment, that all members would weigh in at home.

The main message though is this:  This time we are all ready for it!
  • We know what to expect! It doesn't have to be like Christmas again!
  • We have learned some lessons about where it may have gone wrong the first time.
  • We have our group in place, no matter what the restrictions level is or for how long, so that vital support and motivation is in place straight away.
  • We know how it felt afterwards for any members who put on weight over lockdown and can use that feeling to make sure it doesn't happen again.
  • We know there is enough pasta and other essentials in the supply chain!!! ;)

Joining us or keeping your membership active over the next few weeks of added restrictions will ensure history won't repeat itself. I invite all our current members to remember the difference they've made since coming back to group in the last few weeks or within the virtual group, and new and returning members to be assured that we our there for you and each other, no matter what happens!

Even better, and in breaking news, because our virtual and physical groups are now operating as one, countdown offers can now be availed of by all members, even if weighing in at home. And as soon as restrictions ease, members will have the option to get back into physical group for weigh in / real life meetings as appropriate.

Keep control of what you can control - We've got this :)

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