How long are you prepared to wait before you get back on track?


A blog post for my own temporarily frozen members – and indeed members across all our groups in Ireland as these posts do tend to spread out! This post has evolved and expanded from a message I sent out to my own group members.

Are you still on track? If not, how long will you wait to get back on track? and more importantly how long can you afford to wait? These are 3 questions that to be honest I hoped, if not expected, not to have to write but as time goes on and our previous normal seems further and further away it's time to ask them!

I know that it's been a very challenging time for a lot of our members in the last while. Frankly speaking for a lot of us there was more important things in life to worry about than Slimming World! We had to adjust to the current health situations, job upheavals, a new temporary way of life and then that traditional upheaval which is the Easter weekend loomed and yep Slimming World was parked until we got back to normal.

Getting back to normal – Gotta be honest - that's something that feels to me to be not getting closer at all. When this originally blew up I think a lot of us thought it would hopefully be for a few weeks at most. It's beginning to dawn on me for one that our normal groups may be a lot longer away than had hoped. And that brings the question of how are those members doing who have lost their full group support? How long is too long? If you were expecting a few weeks out but now it's looking like potentially months away from physical groups as we know them returning. Does that change your views?

Even without the added life issues we are currently experiencing, certainly this time of year is a time I and all consultants would normally spend picking a lot of members off the floor morale wise and I'm really concious for all those members whose membership is parked as such that your morale could be even lower than a normal year. So if you are reading this as a frozen member – how are you doing? Are you doing ok? You might well be in which case brilliant stuff! But you might not be - You might need someone to say it's ok to feel disheartened, you're not the only one, and you can make a new start and draw a new line right now. It's not the time to give up! And here I am saying just that :)

Don't be afraid to change your mind! We'd love to see you back – be that right now or whenever you decide to. The same offer will always be there – the ability to return to your old account with no back fees for €4 per week / €16 per month. This will restore your access to the members area of the website and app but probably more importantly get you back to a regular weigh in and the support and motivation that comes with it.

The feedback from the virtual service has been quite interesting and there was, it appears, some misconceptions floating about. Some members had thought they were obliged to participate in a virtual group and the camera shy among us were not comfortable at all! (I'm one of those people!!) But you don't actually have to attend a virtual group, and even if you do you can log in with video and sound off and just listen if you like. (Regrettably I can't do this!) If you'd like just to have your weekly weigh in, a message or two from me and access to the members services website and app etc that's quite ok too!

Anyway I'm suddenly concious that this message is turning into a sales pitch lol and I promise you it's not. I'm just worried for members who aren't fully in the group at the moment (in my own groups we have about a 60/40 split with more returning as the days go on) Those who are there miss those who are not, it's like a family where someone has gone to live in Australia! And we do feel like we've lost a large portion of our family. But like all good strong families we can't wait to see you again, and we're here for you any time you need this, be that from over yonder Australia wise or if you ever do decide to hop a plane home and surprise us with a return and come back to group! If I can do anything to support you in any way at the moment please do get in touch!


image credit: Nat Bamforth


  • Hi, my local group in Ashbourne with leader Darragh is gone so how do I go about joining a group on line please.

    Bernie Sweeney
  • I hope not too long from emer and fiona

    Fiona Halpenny
  • I hope not too long from emer and fiona

    Fiona Halpenny

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