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  • Slimming World Slim With Pat In 2022! - How we are here to support you in physical and virtual groups.

    We continue to adapt to the current Covid situation and have a set of options available to our members, as well as a fall back plan as such, should restrictions change or be reintroduced.

    As we start 2022 we have a mixture of groups available for our members.

  • The frustrations of the current restrictions!

      Spock nails it here!   The government lumped all indoor gatherings and events into one announcement back at the start of July delaying the ret...
  • Don't give up on those 2021 weight loss goals just because we're in level 5 again.

    January - the traditional post Christmas time of year that most slimmers resolve to make a start or restart their slimming journey. Slimming grou...
  • Slimming World - Slim With Pat Groups - How does it all work in 2021? - Starting Off At Level 5

            As we start a new year in 2021 it's fair to say things have changed quite a bit over the past year, not just for Slimming World groups but...
  • Lockdown 2 - The One With The Slimdown

    So we're facing into a second Lockdown! But this time round let's make it a Slimdown Lockdown!
  • How we are here to support you - no matter what level restrictions are in place!

        Slimming World Slim With Pat and you during the current covid situation.   Across all walks of life, people have had to adjust to a new norm...
  • Physical Groups Returning Next Week - How will it work?

      We're really excited to be in a position to begin returning to our physical groups - all be it with some changes! Over the last while Slimming W...
  • When will physical Slimming World groups reopen?

      It's the most commonly asked question at the moment. When will physical groups reopen? And the truthful answer right now at this moment is that ...
  • What does the latest update from An Taoiseach mean for Slimming World groups and our members??

    Well last nights update - it wasn't entirely unexpected but it was more than a bit sobering for us. Here's my thoughts on it.

    The phased reopening of society as we know it is a long term thing. As we knew it perhaps a more accurate description. How does Slimming World fit in?

  • How long are you prepared to wait before you get back on track?

    Are you still on track? If not, how long will you wait to get back on track? and more importantly how long can you afford to wait? These are 3 questions that to be honest I hoped, if not expected, not to have to write but as time goes on and our previous normal seems further and further away it's time to ask them!
  • A few weeks into the new virtual groups - time to pause and reflect a bit.

    What a crazy few weeks it has been! I take some time out to do some reflection.
  • What does a member get from a virtual group service?

    The most commonly asked question about virtual groups are - Is there going to be a charge for it? What do I get for my money and is it still worth it? I'm going to do my best to answer this below.